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Examples of a composition a day at the beach

As part of the English language curriculum, students are always required to write compositions frequently to boost their writing skills and the way the express themselves in written form. In most cases students are assigned topics to write on by the teachers. But sometimes students are given the golden chance to write on a topic of their choice.
Students are usually required to write not only entertaining compositions but compositions that express maturity in language and grammar. The topic that a student chooses if they are given the option to choose should be one that will tickle the audience as most teachers want these compositions read to the class. Sometimes teachers give a topic to see how the students are creative.
A topic like a day at the beach is mostly common. Such a topic requires the student to develop a photographic memory since a lot of activities tale place at the beach and make an interesting composition out of these activities. This topic has been assigned to students quite often. One can always sample form the numerous examples of a composition a day at the beach from the internet written by students and teachers for a gest of what is required of them. The compositions written by the student are always marked and the mistakes highlighted so that those who go through these examples do not repeat the same mistakes.
Compositions are also meant to train the students express their personal thoughts, experiences and feelings about their environment. Nurturing of these skills helps the student later at higher levels of learning where they are required to write technical papers and essays.

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Hard and soft human resource management in schools

A hard and soft human resource management in schools is helpful in a number of ways. The most importance of having this kind of resource is that it helps in ensuring that all the resources within the schools are well utilized. The resources include both the human resources as well as other resources that aid towards achieving good operation of the school. Any school that lacks this kind of resources is at most times faced with lot of difficulties especially when it comes to resource management. Ineffective resource management might affect the operations of the school in a number of ways. Firstly, the school may not be in a position to clearly formulate good ideas which are aimed at improving the performance of the school. Such ideas include the ability of the school management to hire the right employees as per the requirements. Secondly, the school management lacks the necessary skills that can be employed in an effort of bring back the school to the required level.
It is therefore important for the authorities concerned to make sure that each and every school has access to the hard and soft human resource management so as to be in a better position of controlling different resources within the school. Any school management that does not follow the set requirements should be disbanded and replaced by an effective management which can be able to manage the school resources in a good manner. In addition, the upcoming management should be briefed on the importance of ensuring good use of resources as a way of reducing and eliminating wastage of resources.

The range of papers that we write comprises essays, research papers, book and film reviews, term papers, thesis statements, dissertations, cover letters, resumes and a lot of other types. Order any paper you need at OrderCustomPaper.