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Single subject design essay

Single subject design essay

When it comes to single subject design essay writing, conducting a thorough research is inevitable. Having done that, you will find out that this method is applied when you view the sample size as one or when you view a number of people as a group. It is commonly used in psychology, education or human behavior studies in order to predetermine a behavioral chance an individual is most likely to show after undergoing some sort of treatment.

As soon as you learn more about the issue, you will familiarize yourself with the common characteristics of a single subject design. They are: reliable measurement; repeated measurement; description of conditions; baseline and treatment conditions and single-variable rule. What is more, you will also find out that there are three most commonly accepted types of single subject designs:

  1. A-B-A Withdrawal Designs;
  2. Multiple-Baseline Designs;
  3. Alternating Treatments Design.

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Roe vs. Wade essay sample


Roe was a pregnant single woman who brought class action suit that challenged the constitutionality of abortion laws in Texas. The essence of these laws is as follows: it was a crime to make an abortion or at least attempt to make an abortion except when it was advised by the doctor so that to save mother’s life. Doctors who violated the laws were prosecuted. Doctor Hallford was one of such doctors and he was also a part of a class action suit. Wade was the defense attorney in this case. Roe and Hallford managed to win their lawsuits at trial. Texas abortion laws were recognized as the ones that are vague and inconsistent. What is more, they infringed the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

Yet, the question regarding abortion is still widely discussed. The main issue is whether abortion should be legal. If so, who is going to decide its legality? Apart from that, there are religious and moral aspects to take into account. This example proves that the issue is still at the forefront even though half of the population is for it while the rest are against. More information regarding Roe vs. Wade case is available here …

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