In any industrial process that involves manufacturer of products, it is essential for the management to consider delivery of products to the intended customers. This is because delivery is the first relationship that the customer has with the product. If any of the manufacturing firms does not emphasize on timely delivery of their product to customers or the target locations, then it would be would mean that the product would not be well accepted in the industry. In this project there are several factors that led to the results being observed in the delivery of good to the groceries as shown in this company. One of the factors that led to this company failure in its deliveries is the ability of the manufacturing and delivery manager to collect invoices required for delivery to be made. This also includes all other resources and people involved in the delivery process. It is vital therefore, to develop an industrial engineering concept that has a product life cycle that is inclusive of product life cycle and delivery of all manufactured products.
There are several steps that would be followed in developing strategic method that would have desirable product delivery strategies. The first step is a design methodology in product delivery would be benchmarking. This is one of the most crucial items in developing a viable and sustainable product delivery process. It is the baseline where all activities in product manufacturing are benchmarked against the available products and activities in the market. This process will evaluate the business activities in the market and their performances process and compare them to similar industries in the market which have proved to be best in the same category of industrial activities.
There are several activities that were focused during the benchmarking process. The main ideas in this process were investigated and the primary business of the manufacturing process included, engineering process, manufacturing, and customer service. In this process, evaluation of product delivery capabilities was assessed according to the performances, quality in the manufacturing process and the cost incurred in the products by the engineering process (Fox).
Financial benchmarking is another vital process that this product delivery tool uses to analyze before setting up product delivery method in the manufacturing process. This process used financial analysis of the manufacturing firm and then evaluates the overall competitiveness and productivity in relation to product delivery. This was not the case of consideration during the previous system employed.
Business function benchmarking, on the other hand, was a tool in benchmarking process that concentrated on the functions of the business management such as accounting, human resources, finance and logistics. The previous system did not emphasize much on the other functions of management in their implementation of product delivery strategies. It is, however, important for everyone to benchmark their product delivery process to the widely accepted and academic process and ideas so as to become competitive both locally and internationally. In this case, the benchmark set up for this project does not only be related to competitors in the market but also all the activity of the business should be benchmarked to other business in the world. This is why exactly the there was improved results using this new plan in the delivery of products.
The benchmarking activities of this project would be able to include the internal activities of the firm that is between the business units and should be able to facilitate learning and sharing of resources and ideas in order to have effective delivery process. This system would, therefore, have an opportunity to evaluate also the competitiveness of the competitors in product delivery to both the small grocery markets and big grocery markets. It would also stretch its boundaries and evaluate similar process among related industries in the market by comparing the similarities in regard to the product delivery complexity, the amount and products delivered by a similar process and reliability of the process and expectations from clients or customers. So in this case it would be better to analyze the delivery of products in other industries, which deal in the delivery of product to both small and big markets with the same or similar margins of quantities delivered.
This system developed in this benchmarking activity would be able to use both direct and indirect approaches in the evaluation process. In the direct approach, it would involve the industrial engineer or manager in charge of the delivery of products to the market to contact and visit the market in order to exchange information and ideas. In the indirect approach, the evaluation will involve the use of the available data and resources in the, market analyze the benchmarking process. The advantage of this process is that it offers the potential to the industrial engineers to share ideas across several industries. The evaluation and benchmarking processes are also involved with the assessment of the systems that directly influence the product delivery quality and reliability.
This project will be carried in several process and phases. The first phase is the evaluation phase which is also crucial in the product delivery process. It is important for any person in the product delivery process to evaluate the product development process so as to develop and understanding the exact tasks and procedures as used in the delivery process. It is good, therefore, in this system to model the product evaluation process as a process or an engineering factory. By doing this one creates a manufacturing process that is similar to a work station in a production process.

In this manner, it is good for the model to be identified as overall efficiency and complex process that provides tools that illustrate additional steps and effectiveness and efficiency of the model. The design process in this manner mainly focuses on the evaluation process and engineering organization of the product life cycle. In this project, it would be necessary for anybody dealing in the product delivery process to understand the process steps involved (Fox).
The first process step is the technological research of the product and the related market activities. This step involves several other procedures like the concept development of the technology involved in the manufacture of the product, the requirements of the development of the product and the risks associated with the design of the product. Once this is done the managers would then be able to carefully review the process using several factors and steps. One of the steps in the product review process is the scope of the preparation used in the product. It also includes the general planning procedure in the product delivery process. The manger should also be able to create an on-site process that would assess the current process in the product delivery. The manager should always be in touch with the subordinates in the organization and evaluation processes together with any other follow up activities associated with the product.
In most cases, deliveries are dependent on the information from customers. It would be necessary, therefore, to develop a mechanism that captures every customer’s information from all the groceries that are supplied with the products. It would be vital to develop a strategy that collects information from the customers by giving the customers a chance to share their information and hence use that information as a checklist for the delivery process. It makes it easier for the product delivery process to be done since there is no need to reschedule the instillation to customers’ demands (Fox). The system worksheet should be incorporated so that it does have segments for the mistakes done during the previous product delivery process. By so doing, it would efficient for any of the products delivered be out of doubt of any previous mistakes. It would, therefore, be necessary to have a template that has all information of previous deliveries to the same customers or the same product in the same market.
In conclusion, this product delivery tool is one of the most efficient tools that would be recommended for any product delivery. In the current market situations, one must be careful about the delivery of the product and hence need for an effective product delivery process. In any of the big companies in the world, there are several softwares, which are used in the monitoring of the product delivery process. With the ever changing technology, some of these softwares often tend to be outdated with time. However, this system would be efficient in incorporating the new technologies that emerge in regard to product delivery process.

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