Creating a New Change Model

The case of Kelsey requires urgent need for change. Lewin’s change management model seems the most convenient theory to be applied in this case. In this model, there is a three step process to be adhered to in order to meet the desired goals of the new process to be set up (Mind tools, 2012). In this case, just as required by the Lewin’s model, the weaknesses that need to be changed are identified. Then the necessary recommendations for the change that need to be set up are spelt out. Lastly, ways of incorporating and sustaining these changes for viable future application are clearly spelt out. Being that this is a theory that is to be implemented in a real organization, real and clear facts and figures are to be the basis of this argument.
An effective learning process calls for effective communication from all the people involved in the whole learning process. As naturally understood, a learning process must at least include a learner, a tutor and a facilitator of the learning process. In the case of Kelsey Schools, communication between the three stakeholders in the learning process calls for a complete overhaul if a more successful learning venture is to be attained. This is not to say that existing communication process is not effective but it is an urge to change the existing process in order to suit the modern demands for educational communication. To understand why this change is inevitable, it is important to have an overview of the existing communication process between the three stakeholders.
Currently, the teacher student communication process seems to be fully controlled by the teaching fraternity of the Kelsey schools. It is in the rarest of circumstances that one could actually come across a situation where a student gives directions to a teacher. It is like the teachers of this institution take it that the students in this case lack ideas on their educational life at Kelsey. In most cases, the impact of such a communication process, where it is teachers who have the final say, has greatly impacted negatively in the academic achievement of the involved students. Highly authoritative teachers do not help students attain their full potential but rather instill fear in them and in critical levels, this fear amounts to the failure of students.
The management teacher communication at Kelsey does not seem to be the most perfect in these modern times. In this regard, the communication process that should be adhered to in this case should be one that gives motivation to the two parties. Obviously, it is the management that creates the policies that the teachers should follow in their daily running of the learning activities of the Kelsey schools. However, the management team of the Kelsey community acts more like a bully than not. They rarely give teachers a chance to air their views and the impact of this has resulted to a bunch of demoralized teachers who are just forced to enact policies they do not have any hint on their exact importance to the learning fraternity.
For conformity to modernity, the whole communication process at Kelsey needs a complete overhaul. Though some ideas from the existing process are beneficial to the three stakeholders, there is a great need for polishing and streamlining of those ideas so as they fit to the modern ways of educational life. But it should be understood that such a change is not an instant thing but rather a step by step process that must be soberly carried out and recommendations for future improvements clearly spelt out (O’Neil, 2010). Otherwise, the change won’t have a long lasting solution to the said weaknesses of the existing process and there would be a high likelihood that it might turn out to be worse than the existing communication process. Therefore to realize these changes, according to the Lewin’s model, the following steps and considerations should be taken into account.
Ignoring the say of students in the plight of teachers’ duties does not help the cause of attaining better educational achievement. Often, the efforts of teachers forcing students to do whatever they do not think is of essence have yielded undesirable outcomes. Teachers are advised to never force a student into a corner into which he will lose face in whatever they are told to do (Jehlen, 2008). Doing this can end up causing students to lose the necessary traction required in their learning process and the teacher can suffer irrecoverable damage to his relation with the student.
Taking the case of Kelsey into consideration, it is therefore important for the teachers there to consider the wants of students. In case they deem their wants childish or unnecessary, they should consider explaining to the students why they think their wants won’t be accepted.
The management of the Kelsey schools should be always at the forefront of ensuring that the teachers are motivated to perform their duties. Motivated workers, in this case the teachers; often play a vital role to the success of the involved company. The management should try to adopt the style of the administrator serving the worker. In all their communications, they should be aware that teachers are adults and not any junior compared to them. The education world (2012) reports that for effective motivation, the administrators should always be willing to grant all reasonable requests that come from teachers. These requests can vary from teacher to teacher and from reason to reason. Though granting the request is the most appropriate action to be rendered all the time, sometimes denial of the request becomes inevitable. Any denial of a request should be exhaustively be explained lest the involved teacher should consider it contempt thus his demoralization.
Technology is incompatible with educational success. Therefore, for all forms of communication to be effective in the Kelsey schools, modern technology should be emphasized. Since the forthcoming times seem that all the involved stakeholders will heavily rely on new technology to communicate between each other, the entire Kelsey fraternity should embrace newer communication technology. All other mechanisms should be incorporated into these new technologies and in the bid of learning the communication process, the essence of etiquette should be emphasized to all the involved stakeholders. Educational success will always be unattainable if all these guidelines are not strictly adhered to. It should be taken into account that, for success in educational ventures, efficient and reliable communication is inevitable. The efficiency and reliability of the whole communication process must be uniform to all the three stakeholders since success in education calls for total participation of the three stakeholders. Therefore, to attain even better educational achievements, the Kelsey schools should consider changing or improving its communication process.

Analysis of Road Not Taken

“The Road Not Taken” is a poem by Robert Frost which is considered to be one of his most popular works. In this very poem we can observe the image of a solitary traveler who appears quite frequently in other Frost’s poems as well. Quite often this traveler is separated from the community which makes him a loner seeking for his path in life. While searching for a better place, he observes the world and people around him which arouses various emotions in him: wonder, admiration, fear, surprise…He is looking for something but fails to find it. The point is that the traveler cannot find a place where he belongs. Thus, being a wanderer gives him an opportunity to stay in constant search. Yet, he cannot find what he is looking for.
It turns out that the analysis of Road Not Taken is not so easy to accomplish as there are some historical and religious layers which need a detailed explanation. The thing is that the allusions are so intricate that it is almost impossible to spot them.
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